Real Life Stories


‘SO, sometimes I think girls can’t get any dumber or more gullible. That’s when I come across gem’s like this. I enjoyed screwing with this girl, and still do. She texted me right after a huge muay thai work out, right before I was off to meet a big group of friends to watch the UFC Rio card this past August. To date I still don’t remember where I met her, why/when I gave her my number, etc. Around that time I was giving my number out quite a bit as I had just moved across the country and was trying to make girls pay the long distance for fun- even though I had a north america calling plan. I tried everything with this girl. Needy, desperate, insane, abusive, racist.. nothing phased her enough to just STOP RESPONDING. In fact, the conversation ends and my friends and I started late night calling her. We’re talking 4am harassment, which she’d answer. Her friend Savannah tried to put a stop to this, until I had her read the entire thread. Ashley **** was too dumb to realize it was a joke. Savannah thought it was hilarious. This has now progressed 4 months down the road to repeated invites for my friends and I to go hang out with Savannah and Ashley. This is beyond belief. I hope you enjoy the conversation, I sure enjoyed typing it.






































































































































































































































































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